Restorative Court - Tyler Richardson

Shelters Of Your Dreams

Project Healthy Neighbors

The Loss of Homeless Lives

The names

float like spores

on the brightening air.  Light,

relieved of their pain, of their sorrows

of flesh, they sound on the tongue,

when spoken, like a song.

Their meanings, however,

escape us, as do their spirits,

barely known, re-crossing the river,

at home. Say them, now, slowly:

hear them rise and dissolve

in the freedom they wanted, alive

Peter Marin

When a Home is not a House

The Art of Margaret Matson

Mesa Homeless Outreach Group

There are not words to express the many years of incredible kindness, support, belief in people offered in the long house of Chuck & Alison Allan Blitz. Their home offered a safe venue for outreach teams, shelter staff & other homeless services to meet, discuss & create plans for empowering street people to help them meet their needs. Lunch always provided, philanthropic needs often met, and a place of peace to allow our heads to gaze at the ocean, drink in the negative ions & reset so we could go out & do more. I know I speak on behalf of all the many who entered your doors in saying we remain truly grateful & humbled by your gift of love.

Streets of Paradise

2010 Homeless Deaths