There are untold numbers of homeless who have perished in Santa Barbara with irregular records of their deaths over the years. But we will not forget them. Those we knew live in our hearts and memories. Their struggles to survive each day embedded in our prayers.

Although we held park memorials so friends could grieve the losses; then developed the Longest Night Memorial on December 21st as another tribute, there has never been one consistent place to search for names of those who have passed. This is a source for our community. It has been a labor of love to develop and is in no way comprehensive or inclusive of all. The sources are from word of mouth, usually from the streets. We do our best to compile information communicating with all services to support our efforts, but there will be incorrect dates, spellings of names, and reasons for death.

This list includes those who died in emergency shelters, on our streets, hospitals, vehicles, jail, or from the many dangers tied to lack of stable housing and poverty including exposure, untreated illness, mental illness, hunger, violence, suicide, addiction, or aging.

We share names of recently housed and recently moved away as well as those who died in hospitals and care facilities. You can search by name or date. In some cases we only have “street names” and not actual given names. We most often do not have photos of the person. If we know the Fallen Friend was a Veteran, we have placed a flag emblem next to their name. Guests may also plant a tree in their memory on our last tab. Our list is subject to change. Feel free to contact us with updated information and photos under "Help" tab.

Thank you for visiting this site to honor Fallen Friends & those who served them.

May our friends rest in Eternal Peace.

Deborah "Barnesy" Barnes, Founder.