Larry Espinoza- 28th death in 2010

Luke Timbrook-

Jeremy Goddard- 2/18/09 I stood over his body at the shelter

Kimberly Dougherty- 26 years. IQ of 146 4/19/94

Mason- killed by the train 7/05

Robert Bunch- core body temperature 72 degrees, died at Cottage 2010

Charlie Webster- 56 years old 4/19/94

Betty Geer- died on tracks returning to SB. Went to Ventura to see her 5 yo daughter 5/20/13

Damon- hit his head at Pershing. Young kid, foot left unbandaged from doctor

James Moore- 11/2004

Homie- under freeway

David Morse- 11/16/13

Gilbert Ramirez- choked on some chicken at the beach

Alan Hunterman-. Carousel area Liver disease 1/16/16

Alan McGibbin- early 40s, possible murder. Multiple medical problems. 4/30/09

Larry Peterson- died in new apartment after two months. 7/11/16

Tina Diaz Gorrell- overdosed 7/9/16

Kathy Barton- 3/2002

Jerome Brown- “Oh God I’m not ready.” Adobe area 2/19/95

Homie- found in bed 11/19/93

Richard Mc Innis- 5/16/15

Sweet Helga-

Arthur- 40 years hard time. Old man without teeth 3/2006

Doc- just released from jail the same night. 11/19/99


Dennis Faulkner- overdosed Isla Vista Park.

Homeless person- found in tent behind Vons on Turnpike. 2012

Katie Mae-

Lee H- David’s father

Guitar Man- played steel guitar

Randy Rivette-

James “Jimbo” Wyatt- Pershing Park- Figtree patriarch, Sarah House, liver cancer. 8/27/15

Homeless man- body found behind Goleta Community Center 9/2010

Dennis F-

Chris- 4/2015

Man- run over by train near Montecito Street

Red- lived at the library 6/2004

Tom P- Lived in Live Oak Park. Showered at friend’s. Died at Cottage 9/29/09

Terrie- 3/2005

Richard Tacadena- Cottage Hospital

Ross Stiles- Murdered, a rush to judgement, alcoholic, 2/9/09

Michael Mc Kenzie- discharged from Cottage with a ruptured spleen. 12/1994

Shawn- bled out of life in cab on way to hospital, 2/12/09

Dorothy Wilson- Faulding Hotel 2/2005

Gary Cooper- 51 years old 4/1999

Jesse- of Jesse and Grace, black tar 11/1996

Felipe- died waiting for Sarah House

Manuel Galaviz- under bridge in Carpinteria 2010

Ross- hit by train two days after his mom died 2/2008

Bradley Crawford- found on bench, holding an uneaten burrito 3/2008

Backpack Bob- at Rocky Nook Park

Woody- broken neck, hit by a car when released at night from jail

Charles Gerald Hall- veteran, banker, many friends, kind, gentle, a soft laugh, truly missed. 6/29/14

Jules Moreno- in Florida 2/28/16

Kit- overdosed Isla Vista Park

Antonio- found at 2am on bench, hypothermia

Cathy Elliot- 3/19/91

Stan Meiser- liver failure 3/2003

Stephanie- sick in camp for days. Native American, early 40s. 3/24/09

Mitch McCrea- mid 50s, vet, multiple medical problems, OD 5/28/09

Marc McGinnis-

Big Red-

Cobblestone- in his wheelchair

Marc Hirsch- 5/2002

Larry- “I’m going home tomorrow”

Jacob- Witness said he jumped in front of a train. 4/2008

Ed- at Sarah House. Cancer.

Deva Redwood- Native American, helluva guitarist!

Michael Woodard- found off of the pier, 11/2016

David Williams- 2/14/15

S. Bez- died in jail

Linda Fowler-

Brad Crawford- found on State Street bench, 2008

Norman- died by hanging. Faulding Hotel.

Robert Hammond- died in Cottage Hospital after head injury. 6/15/13

James Magruder- activist, voice of homeless. Found dead in sleeping bag!!!

Stephen Aikens- murdered in Carpinteria 1/1994

Terry “Rainbow Scooter” Hunter- Died of cancer 2013

Charles Johnson- killed by three others, 6/2007

Man- 63 years, found dead in his camp, 6/2007


Rochelle K-

Julie Lamb-

Jim Naylor-

Marc Edmonds- friend of James Mc

Laurel Murray-

Daniel Espinoza- found floating in the harbor 2016

Michael Suazo- multiple organ failure, died in his 50s, taken to Cottage from Casa, 1/14/11

Ed Mannon- 30 years on the streets of Santa Barbara, bike crash, 2/2/16

Thomas Edward Brophy- 47 years on hwy 101

Carolyn E- sleeping, she died 3/19/99

Ernest Sanchez- 8/2004

William “Kickstand” Armstrong- Serenity House, 7/28/13

Wayne Vincent- pneumonia-cancer

James Voeks- 6/3/15

Stony Tony- rumored that he was dead

Doctor J- 9/2003

Raymond LaClair-

Mark Miller- just got housing, Brenda’s ex 2/6/12

Debi Taft- Great guitarist- getting treatment at UCLA killed by drunk driver in crosswalk 2013

Gavin P-

Crisco- died at Dwight Murphy Park 2010

Mark Miller- 2013

Francisco Ordac- witness to crime

Gerald “Rock”Bailey- in front of Faulding Hotel, 9/2000

Jimmy- hung out by pier 5/2013

Bryan- home to die, México-Guatemala, AIDS

Jumbo- died by the pier 8/30/13

Greg Devoy- “amputate everything”

Two in car crash-

John Lynn- 5/2002

Victor Chavez- tired

Sherrie Guth- 2011

Paul B- 2011

Mom- died in a blocked off dorm at the Women’s Shelter

Robert de Millo- suicide, rode tricycle at Catholic Charities, 11/1994


Jesse Lopez- 11/1998

Lawrence Brandt-

Ronnie Burke-Carpinteria cliffs 10/1999

David W- AIDS 1/1995

Pushcart Greg-

Zingy- wheelchair, Serenity House

Victoria L- Sarah House

Woods- late 50s, died in his car behind Red’s coffee shop, 2010

3 OD deaths in a week

Carl- overdosed, near Faulding in a cardboard box

Karen Roberts-

John Doe II- hit by a train in Goleta

Little Rick- died in IV

Don Gaylon- liver failure 2003

Andrea Perez- died mid-forties 2012

Easy and Anita- they died together in a van

Michael “Doctor Mike” Llamar- murdered on the streets of Santa Barbara, 6/16

Robert Aragon- died in a wheelchair in front of Mac’s Grog

Richard Leville- 59 years

Felix- lived in park by Casa shelter 4/2005

Frank Harden-

Ralph Fletcher- Casa Esperanza, 4/2003

Mike and Mario- died on the same piece of land, 24 hours apart, 2010

Doris Jack- 66 years 7/1994

Juan Perez- killed on 101 7/25/03

Darleen Thompson- at Casa Esperanza

Glenn Dunn- 9/1994

Jonathan Krolick- died in a boat on land, trying to sail to sea

Eddie- 6/1996

Robert Rose- 22 years 5/1994

Willy Maples- 31 yearsold 4/1993

Client- drove around with dead partner in backseat, thinking he’d passed out

Jorge Santana- 3/2005

Joseph Perez- diabetic, multiple amputations 2/4/09

Leslie Harper- 30 years old

Anna Padilla- 11/2004

Dave Allen- 2013

Gail Easton- had a tattoo on her thigh

Steven Updike- in Safe Parking Program 2010

David Yazzi- 2013

James- 44 years 1992

Jesus Santos- on Milpas 2010

Homie- Faulding Hotel 4/26/04

Richard Watt- 12/19/92

Brian “Gabriel” Olgeirson- 2013

Lawrence“Jimmy”Baumann-slipped into a coma after taken into custody, died Cottage Hosp 3/30/13

Luis Sagely- died with a deck of cards in his hand 3/2003

Danny Schulman-

Joshua “little Hobo” Flowers- 4 months old 1980’s

Dom Mc Kenno-

Charlie Davis- 66 years 5/1994

Big Al- died at the Sobering Center

Robert Fouse- died in McKenzie Park 8/2004

Karen- cancer, died at Sally Ann

Man- who was living in his car, died of cancer at Cottage 7/26/10

Mike- of “Mike and Rita” fame, killed by the train 10/2003

Andre Book-

Ed Takanaka- died at Sarah House 4/1/12

Male Hispanic- lived in vehicle 1/14/11

Connie Bobbit- died in camp by 101 and Esperanza 11/2004

James de la Hunt- killed by the train 8/2004

Pushcart Greg-Susan Shaw- fortune teller Faulding Hotel

Unidentified Homie- coroner’s photo 4/2005

Dorothy Martinez- Native American in streets of Paradise 4/2005

Holly- suicide

Anthony “Stix” McGinnis- died on day after moving into a home 2013

Homie- found after one month Carrillo off ramp

Ron Skaggs- a talker, Harley’s

Billy Templeton- 11/1997

Clarence Burke- 45 years old 11/1993

Dottie Perrera- Heath House from the streets

William Ritchie- saw his mother killed 8/2003

James Haru- 92 years

Roger Atherton- clerk at Faulding Hotel

Barney Jackson- friend of Chumash Linda 6/2008

Julie Taylor- Faulding Hotel 12/2002

“Shakey”- died at Pershing Park 1/22/11

Sharon- the Wharf Lady

Linda Archer- murdered

Homie- hit his head, fell behind Trader Joe’s

David Rowe- murdered on State Street

Linda Fox- in wheelchair

Kevin Westin-

Allen Hoffman- 5/2004

Ron- 5/2008

Claudia Brown- “you drink, you die” 5/2004

Unknown homeless man- died at Cottage 1/31/11

Jeff S- homeless vet, stayed at Sally, just moved into housing, massive heart attack

Sam Guerrera- died at East Beach

Charlie Jefferson- 38 years old 1993

Homie- Freeway Onramp near Casa 11/2007

Man- with tattoo, no ID who died at camp by Baltimore 2/14/12

Carl McLarty- 37 years old 5/1994

Speedball- 4/27/04

Jamieson Reid- liver cancer

Raymond Usigli-

Baby- 3 weeks old, Transition House

Michael Crutcher- Vietnam Vet, in his wheelchair

Charles Cooper- in front of Recreation Center 5/1994

Eugene P- 84 years old. Sarah House 1/16/12

Robert Culp- went to LA to VA Hosp to fight an infection

John Lewis- body found in front of Montecito Vons 1/14/09

Dino- killed by the train

Charlie Drake- 54 year old, crossing 101 8/2005

Gregory Gahn- beaten to death in IV 6/2008

Don- in the film Streets of Paradise

Dennis Powers- Faulding Hotel 12/1994

Richard de la Surda- 1/1995

Kelly de Sara- died at Five Points 1/23/12

James Albright- overdosed near Faulding Hotel

Rafael Diaz- run over by a car 1/2005

Ernest Riveira- 11/1994

Homeless man- in front of YMCA 1/29/09

Homeless woman- on 101 6/2005

David Parish- sent to hospital 12 times

Jerry T- came to Santa Barbara to die 7/22/10

Tobio Madrid- hotshot 11/1996

Frank Weight- 40 years old, murdered 12/1993

Homeless woman- killed on Freeway 6/2009

Vickie Jeffries- Casa Esperanza Shelter

Old man- found in tent in Carpinteria campground 10/1994

George Ballentine- 62 years old 7/1993

Don Cameron- Sarah House

Body- wrapped in poncho found on East Beach 10/18/05

Body- wrapped in tarp found in 101 culvert

Laticia- 9/2007

Vivian- 9/2007

Slim Jim- Needle Park

Rose Doe- hooker from Sally Ann, killed and her body dumped 5/1994

Catherine Eaton- at Needle Park 1/2005

Homie- under freeway

Gary- wore black plastic rain shoes

Cyrus- at East Beach 7/7/10

A 23 year old kid- walked in front of the train 5/27/10

Tammy Buckalew- 37 years, killed on freeway 6/2005

Dennis Winn- cancer 5/2004

Gayle M- 70 years old, died in hospital via Casa Esperanza 3/24/09

Tommy M- son of homeless Dorothy

Katherine “Kat” Maxwell-sent by PD to TX, seizure on train to family 2013

Freedom-Vietnam Vet in wheelchair. 50’s. Froze on bench near Pershing.

Homeless vet- lost hearing in Vietnam, killed by train he couldn’t hear 2/19/94

Earl McGinnis- found down by the train station 4/20/10

MARGARET MATSON, Wall Artist "Painting these many names was an incredible meditation for me, trying to acknowledge their lives in this time & place. Art wise, my intention was to have it feel ephemeral, as if it blew in from the ocean.

Ken Williams & his wife Donna on his final day. Disclaimer: The list of names compiled by Ken, as on this website have been submitted through word-of-mouth from a multitude of people, mainly other street friends. There have not been regular records to bear witness to our counties homeless deaths. This list falls short of details from dates, full names, photos, reasons of death and is in no way inclusive of all. It is years of Ken recording what he heard. If a person was housed in recent years, we add them here. If they died in hospital or care facility, we add them here. Same if they left the county recently. Updated information may be sent to Please place “Memorial Website Update” in the subject. Go to the "help" tab for other ways to acknowledge loved ones.