Many community members have known a homeless individual, but some were called to truly serve. Be it in regular kindness, in funds, in volunteerism, in housing or as a voice for the voiceless. We wish to honor those whose lives have made a marked difference. May you RIP

John Butney

DOB: 1938   DOD:2020

He fought like a tiger

Barbara Tellufson

DOB: 1936   DOD: Nov 22, 2021

Dignity in choosing for themselves. 4’10” Dynamo Fights for single mother’s rights & people suffering in crisis for 50 years. A passionate force for good.

Roger Heroux

DOB:   DOD: 12/14/09

The Light of Compassion 68 yrs.

Ken Williams

DOB: 1951   DOD: 2018

Taught us all.

Ken Williams - Santa Barbara

Kit Tremaine

DOB:1/9/1907  DOD:  2/3/97

Kit Tremaine was an American author, philanthropist and social activist, who was against Vietnam War and was instrumental in providing legal, medical,& counseling services for the poor, as well as founding & funding The Sunflower Foundation. “Love is the universal answer no matter what the question, and that we must seek to manifest it in all possible ways.”

Jim Mott


Sanctuary House

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Sarah Leah Stocker Shoresman

DOB:10/26/1904  DOD: 11/14/ 2001

Philanthropist for "Sarah House," an end-of-life house for the poor.

Mitch Snyder

DOB: DOD: 07/90

Headed up Creative Community for Non Violence in Washington DC. Fasted 54 days forcing Ronald Reagan to open the National Shelter for the homeless. Visited SB in 1986. "...don't just pass them by..."

Mitch Snyder2

Selma Rubin

DOB: 3/28/1915  DOD:  03/09/2012

A tidal wave in a tiny frame.Endless, unbounded energy to advocate. Always, always NUDGING us to do more.


Gail Rink

DOB: 1/18 /1939 DOD:  11/04/2018

Force Behind Hospice of Santa Barbara. Spent much of her life helping others deal with death, first as a volunteer and then as executive director of Hospice of Santa Barbara.

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Dame Anita Roddick

DOB: 10/23/42  DOD:  09/10/07
The Body Shop

Herman Wallace

DOB: DOD: 10/04/2014

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Alison Allan

DOB: 09/22/1951  DOD:  05/07/2019
A beautiful soul in every way.
Thank you for opening your home & your soul to those who serve the unhoused.

Willard E "Will" Hastings Jr

DOB: 1935  DOD: 1/31/2019
A talented attorney who aided the poor & won rights for many, like voting rights, labor rights, etc. It’s so sad to know all the good he did with no mention of him in an obituary.
will hastings3
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