We have planted trees in the memory of Fallen Friends in the past, but our city will only allow a placard on a local existing tree to be placed, which is very costly. We now donate to a nonprofit company who plants food-type trees for starving people. How appropriate is that?
When you click on the “donate” button below, it will take you to The Eden Project. There you can donate to plant a tree, or more than one tree in your friend or loved one’s memory. This helps feed starving people as well as beneficially change the climate.
***Donations in any amount are welcome at Eden Project.***
Referring you to The Eden Project's endeavors is an honor. We love their efforts.
They will let us know when you have donated by email and we will place a tree next to your loved ones name.

This website is Sacred & a Labor of Love. We welcome your help with names, corrections, additions & photos. Click the email below to share information. Donations to keep this website going are appreciated. Please click the donation envelop below or you can send a check to Deborah Barnes and mail to PO Box 91441, Santa Barbara, CA 93190

For donations to this website use Venmo or send a check to:
Deborah Barnes
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NOTE: When you click on the purple box to make a donation of any amount, it will take you to Eden Project's tree planting site. The "honoree" on the form is the deceased name. The "recipient" is sbhomelessmemorial@gmail.com. This supplies us with an email notification to place a tree next to the deceased name on our site.
This memorial site receives nothing from Eden Project.